Size Guide for Shoelaces

What size sholaces should you get?

Are you confused or just not sure about which size of shoelaces fits your shoes? Don't worry you've come to the right place. Also check out 10 Creative Ways to Lace Up your Sneakers.

Eyelets (Pairs) Lace size
5 eyelets 80CM - 120CM
6 eyelets 120CM
7 - 8 eyelets (Low-Top's) 140CM 
7 - 8 eyelets (High-Top's) 160CM
9 eyelets 180CM


Note: If you want to leave your laces hanging and do not wish to tie your laces as shown in the picture, you should get one size smaller than the actual size.

A pair of Midnight Blue Flat Laces 140CM is beautifully laced up on a pair of Air Jordan 1 Mid's with 8 pairs of eyelets. 


If you still have any doubts you can measure your existing shoelaces or get in touch with us to assist you.

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